PETER BROCK MEMORIAL CHILD SPONSORSHIP PROGRAMHeart Reach Australia has initiated a Child Sponsorship Program called the Peter Brock Memorial Child Sponsorship Program (PBMCSP), which ‘which assists us to help the extremely poor kids to have a quality of life, education and a future.Peter, tragically killed during a car race in 2006, was a keen Patron and avid supporter of our work.

Through fundraising, donations  and with the support of those who generously choose to sponsor a child, much of administration and related costs are met. This means HRA is one of the few Organisations that can take your donations and see they are completely used in the intended areas, and for the designated purposes.  HRA and our programs.

Note: program developments are detailed in the PBMCSP Update pages.

Please Help Me!

Through Viet Nam and post-Tsunami Sri Lanka, thousands of children are living in poverty. Most cannot go to school. They have to work just to live day to day. They cannot afford medical attention, and many have dental and other physical problems. But it DOES NOT HAVE TO BE like this. With your help for just $40 a month, children can:

  • have free medical care
  • attend school with all needs met
  • receive food and clothing
  • be maintained in a ‘family’

Heart Reach Australia has (as a tribute to our former Patron) initiated the Peter Brock Memorial Child Sponsorship Program to bring life, hope, and a future to children in Vietnam

HRA is committed to using funds raised and donated to make things happen. As a voluntary organization, funding is always a challenge, and your support is a great encouragement.

If you would like to help, you can:

  • click “Support Us in the menu above for options,
  • click “Contact Us” in the menu above for our bank details (for direct deposits), or
  • download and return our printable remittance form (Adobe pdf format). Opens in a new window.