Heart Reach Australia’s Heart Reach VIETNAM, has become a vital part of the development of Vietnam’s medical training programs, through both in country and overseas training and scholarships. These have especially assisted young eye doctors, as leading Ophthalmologists from Australia have travelled to Vietnam, to operate, lecture, share and discuss procedures, and assist in the skills and knowledge development of eye doctors in numerous provinces.

The HRA Scholarship Program has brought young resident ophthalmologists for intensive training in Queensland, world-renowned Lasik pioneer Dr Peter Stewart, on the Sunshine Coast, and the dedicated team of surgeons and professors at the Queensland Eye Institute, in Brisbane. These scholarships play an important role in assisting Vietnam’s young eye doctors to gain valuable expertise and knowledge that often in not readily available to them in their local situations.

Many of the scholarship recipients now use their skills in partnership with HRA, by taking eye clinics in remote regions as they are able. Such a partnership benefits everyone.

Life quality training also goes out to children in poor communities, assisting them to develop understanding of road safety, water safety, hygiene and nutrition. Volunteers are a regular part of these programs, which often take place in the village areas, and remote locations.

Sponsors such as the Sofitel Saigon Plaza Hotel, and Harley Davidson Saigon bring children to HCMC for education programs of a practical nature. These ‘core’ programs are central to HRA / HRV’s long term impact of poverty and life quality in Vietnam.

HRA has formed a strong relationship with several Vietnam based organizations, including schools for the blind and handicapped , several High Schools, Primary
and Middle Schools in Ben Tre and Central Vietnam areas. Because of our long history in Vietnam, (since 1990) we are able to often recommend or nominate some of the young people from these organizations to attend university, or other professional development courses. Again, HRA maintains ongoing support and encouragement as these challenged students progress through their chosen areas of study.