HRA is committed to seeking at all times to apply minimal running costs or expenses from any support or donations to make things happen.

As a voluntary organization, no administration or running costs are taken from donations to children.

How? Through fundraising and the support of Harley Davidson Saigon, New World Hotel Saigon, Dragon Media International and other sponsors all administration and related costs are met.

Steps to sponsoring a child with Heart Reach Australia:

  1. Scroll through the children’s photos
  2. Send your contact details
  3. We do the rest!


So many kids over so many years have been supported, and given education, medical care, and life opportunities, but everyone has been given the opportunity to gain a quality of life, a future, and hope. Heart Reach Australia has been committed to this since 1990 and is so appreciative of the support of many people over these years. Everyone is an individual. Everyone has a story that is unique. These are just a few.