A Christian based Humanitarian Aid Organization, HRA Director and members have been working since 1990 to alleviate the suffering, life situations and medical conditions brought about largely through poverty.

With poor hygiene, limited education and very basic food options, millions of people in developing countries cannot enjoy a reasonable quality of life. Education is often out of reach. Clothing and possessions sparse. Life saving medical facilities are often not available, too limited, or too far away.

Heart Reach Australia is committed to bringing the programs, medical facilities, education and assistance that can change the quality of life for many who are living in sub standard conditions that are largely related to poverty. Since first beginning activities and establishing a strong trust relationship with government, medical directors and personnel in Viet Nam, thousands of children, women and families have benefited from the many clinics, renal, eye care and other programs and facilities that have been established.

Heart Reach Australia is a small, efficient and dedicated medical and humanitarian aid organization. Through the assistance of everyday people such as yourselves, and through the generosity of sponsors, volunteer medical personnel and donors, we can continue to bring a quality of life to Viet Nam that will continue to touch thousands of people in the coming years.

The Peter Brock Memorial Child Sponsorship Program, where sponsorship funds assists the recipient child, is growing rapidly. As with all the programs, we believe that ‘together we can make a difference’.