Mai’s story is one of extraordinary success. Growing up in a tiny shack in the humid and hot Mekong region of Tan Thach, Ben Tre, Mai’s family had little, but her wall was covered with school awards. Despite the challenges, Mai proved to be exceptional in every respect.

A letter she sent to me in Queensland was flawless, written in perfect English at just ten years old. Her sponsorship allowed her to excel academically, leading to a special scholarship at RMIT. After her degree and internship, Mai’s manager recognized her potential, giving her key roles and leadership opportunities.

Mai’s journey wasn’t without setbacks. She once rode her bike in the dark to a distant school, only to have her bag stolen. Despite losing her schoolwork and belongings, she quickly caught up and moved on, demonstrating her resilience and compassion.

Mai’s education included top marks at Tan Thach A Primary, Tan Thach Secondary, and Ben Tre Highschool for the Gifted. She earned a full scholarship to RMIT Vietnam University and even exchanged to RMIT Melbourne. Now, she works for a Japanese subsidiary, rising from Assistant to COO to Marketing Supervisor.

Mai’s impact is immense. She serves as an interpreter, represents at official functions, and is our HRA manager in Vietnam. Her ability to connect with people at all levels is remarkable. Given the chance for education, Mai excelled and now gives back in numerous ways, proving that the poorest often give back the most.